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You Protect Me Poem

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DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
You Protect Me

Thanks to Robyn for sharing her poem with us!

I'm glad, dear God, you always keep me safe
You hold me and protect me
Your Word says you watch over me
This makes me very happy

I'm also glad you've given friends
That care about me too
Like the fireman, policeman
And the lifeguard at the pool

Each of these special friends of mine
Help me be safe and have some fun
They work around my neighborhood
Let me tell you about each one

The fireman wears a suit of red
He must be fast and strong
He's always ready to stop a fire
And would help if things went wrong

The policeman drives a car with a siren
He often wears black or blue
He wears an shiny badge on his chest
And protects me from dangers too

The doctor is God's special helper
I go to him when I feel ill
He's gentle and kind and cares for me
And could help me if I fell down a hill

A friend who helps me cross the street
Is the patient crossing guard
He makes sure all the cars stand still
So crossing the street is never hard

One of my favorite friends is my teacher
I learn new thing each day
Like being careful and sharing my toys
I've learned to be safe when I play

My family also cares for me
For me they try to do what's best
Like keep me safe and warm and dry
They want me to be blessed

My favorite friend of all is God
With Him I share my heart
I'm always safe within His arms
From me He'll never part

by: Robyn White



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