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The Night Before the First Christmas with printable template

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DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
The Night Before the First Christmas

Thanks to Tommy Yan for sending in his poem to us!

'Twas the night before Christmas,
In a town called Bethlehem.
A king will soon be born,
And visited by wise men.

Gold, frankincense, and myrrh,
Added to all the big fuss.
They named him Immanuel,
Which translates "God with us."

The angels were rejoicing,
And told the shepherds first.
A savior is born this day,
For those who hunger and thirst.

He'll sit on the throne of David,
With governments upon his shoulder.
He'll perform many miracles,
Once baptized and quite older.

He'll gain strength and wisdom,
Put the righteous in their place.
He'll establish a huge following,
Because of love and grace.

He built a team of twelve,
That never seemed to agree.
He chose from among the low,
With the phrase, "Follow me."

Transforming water to wine,
Saved the Cana wedding feast.
The guests were all amazed,
Happy, to say the least.

"Blessed are the meek..."
As he continued to speak.
Those sitting in attendance,
Learned spiritual abundance.

He taught them how to live.
Gave two mighty commandments.
He modeled how to pray,
And warned of coming judgments.

He calmed the winds and waves.
He walked on top of water.
He healed the lame and sick.
Sent demons in swine to slaughter.

The religious were up in arms,
They didn't know what to do.
Let's bring the Romans in,
To kill this blasphemous Jew.

He rode into the city,
With praise, honor, and glory.
"Hosanna in the highest!" they cried,
But soon they'd change their story.

For thirty pieces of silver,
One of the twelve betrayed him.
They swore they wouldn't deny him,
But fear had overcome them.

He gave his life at Calvary,
He did not one thing wrong.
He spent his dying moments,
Asking to forgive the throng.

They entered the open tomb,
His body couldn't be found.
"He is risen," the angel said,
And the good news spread around.

Give this story of Jesus,
To make your holidays bright.
Happy Christmas to all,
And to all a good night.

Tommy Yan

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