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Naaman poem for kids

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DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
Naaman (2 Kings 5)

Thanks to Marie Louise for sharing her poem with us!

"If you do not become like little children, you will never be able to go into the Kingdom of heaven"

A Bible record brings to mind,
a perfect illustration of this kind.
About the little captive girl,
whose worth would prove a valued pearl.

Brought into Naaman's household as a maid,
her memories of Gods prophet did not fade.
She knew with childlike simplicity,
the answer to her master's leprosy.

Hopelessly driven into desperation
Naaman, the Hero of great reputation,
Willingly headed to the little maid's urgent plea-
Reasoning no price would be to great a fee.

So with horses, chariots, silver and gold,
he set out to find the prophet of whom he was told.
Mistakenly, arriving at the King of Israel's palace,
he eagerly sought the King's wisdom for his malice.

Here was a man seeking healing from him, the King!
How feeblish his powers were reduced to nothing.
In sharp contrast, he could not even introduced his client,
to the only Source as did the little slave suppliant!

Elisha's timely bid to help, must have caught the King by surprise.
For he was about to learn that the True King of Israel was still at work through his prophet in disguise.
Naaman thus approached Elisha's home.
The message said: "Go wash yourself in Jordan seven times and you will be free to roam!

Pride almost got in its way
As he turned to disobey.
Again gentle persuasion drew him along
Finding blessed relief- an everlasting song!

Humbly returning to pay
The man of God said "nay"
Lest anyone should ever boast
Save in the name of the Holy of Hosts.



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