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My Turn in the Nursery with printable template

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DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
My Turn in the Nursery

Thanks to a viewer for sending this in!
Author Unknown

Last Sunday was my turn in the nursery to work.
My heart wasn't in it, and my feelings were hurt.
A child from its mother did not want to part.
And cried a lot with it's broken heart.
I prayed that soon the hour would end.
That I could relax -- felt good to be free.
I said once a month was too much for me!
That very next Sunday as I sat in the pew.
A very good sermon, but visitors were few.
But down came a woman and her soul was saved;
And she was the mother of the crying babe.
Then it dawned on me that I had been a part of one being saved
-- giving God her heart.
From that day one, I would never dread
Working in the nursery while souls were being fed.


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