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Loving Kindness printable song templates for kids

Song poster/coloring page
(color)   or   B&W)

Listen to the tune "He Lifted Me"

DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids

Thanks to Janice for sending this in!
To the tune of "He lifted Me".

With loving kindness I will show 
My love to others as I grow.
And every day at home or play 
In love I will be kind.

With loving kindness Abraham 
Let Lot choose first to claim his land.
And even though Lot chose the best,
Still Abraham was kind.

With loving kindness Rebekah 
Helped get the water from the well.
She watered all the camels too.
Rebekah was so kind.

With loving kindness David played 
Upon his harp, and music made.
And when the king was oh so sad,
Then David kindly played.

With loving- kindness Abigail 
Helped David when her husband failed.
She brought good food to David's men,
And this showed she was kind.

With loving-kindness David sent 
For Jonathan's son Mephibosheth.
The young man's feet were very lame,
but David was so kind.


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