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Learning our Names printable song templates for kids

Song poster/coloring page
(color)   or   B&W)

DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
Learning our Names Song
(sing to the tune of "Did You Ever See a Lassie"/"The more we sing together") 

This is a great song to sing with a preschool or kindergarten class at the beginning of a new Sunday School season.  As each child's name is said they should stand up.

It also goes well with a "God Made Me" lesson.

Thank-you God for (name)
For (name), for (name)
Thank-you God for (name)
We're glad (s)he is here

for example:

Thank-you God for Tasha,
For Tasha, for Tasha,
Thank-you God for Tasha,
We're glad she is here!

Thank-you God for Justin,
For Justin, for Justin,
Thank-you God for Justin,
We're glad he is here!


Try our Printable Name Tags to go with this song.