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Jonah and the Whale with printable template

Song poster/coloring page
(color)   or   B&W)

DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
Jonah and the Whale

A viewer contributed this and wrote:
  "When I taught the story of Jonah I taught it in poem form..."

Jonah was this dude with an attitude.
He didn't do what he was supposed to do.
He hid and hid and ran from God,
When God found him He gave him the job.
The job was this, for him to go and tell that city that did not know.
But Jonah disobeyed and hopped on a boat.
But because of the storm the boat couldn't float.
The storm was so bad it was whipping the sail.
There was thunder, lightning and even hail.
Then Jonah was thrown into a watery jail.
Which turned out to be a big stinky whale!
For three days as he passed the time all he could think of was his crime.
So Jonah repented and said he'll go to that land
And soon after the fish spit him onto the sand.
So Jonah cleaned up and went on his way to Nineveh for he had to say,
"Repent today or you will pay!" and all the towns people said OK

Written by Jessica Felix


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