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Jesus is a Friend of Mine printable song templates for kids

Song poster/coloring page
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DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
Jesus is a Friend of Mine

Thanks to Alicia for sending this in.
Sung to the handclapping rhyme "Coca-Cola went to Town".

Jesus is a friend of mine, he is with me all the time, one day he died on Calvary, now we all can live eternally.

Chorus:  knock-knock rattle rattle rattle rattle honk beep-beep, knock -knock rattle rattle rattle rattle honk beep-beep.

Way up north where there's ice and snow, there was a penguin who's name was Flo.  Flo got tired of wearin' black and white, so she wore pink shoes to church that night.


Way down south where banana trees grow, a flee stepped on an elephant's toe, the elephant cried with tears in its eyes, "Pick on someone your own size!"


Eenie meenie miney mo, catch a sinner by his toe, if he hollers don't let go, lead him down the Romans Roads



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