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A Fishy printable song templates for kids

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DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
A Fishy song

Thanks to Crystal for sending this in!

I am a fish
the Lord God made
I swallowed Jonah one faithful day
to take him down
to the bottom of the sea
where God could talk to him
more personally

Cause God said he's gonna be a preacherman
in Nineveh he won't go fishy
so I need your help
if you know what I mean
to carry him there like a submarine

Well he tickled in my tonsils
and he wasn't very yummy
but I kept him safe
in the bottom of my tummy

So I took him to the beach
where everyone could see
and I plopped him out
just as nice as could be

The people listened hard
wherever he went
they did just what he said
when he said REPENT

And it just goes to show you
God want everyone to hear
and he can even use a fish
to get the word there.


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