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Faith printable poem templates for kids

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DLTK's Bible Poems for Kids
Faith (Peter, Paul, and Silas)

Thanks to Marie for sharing her poem with us!

How often we feel caged in like a bird
Trapped and doomed to fate.
Then it's time to stake our Faith
And claim the promise we have heard-
"Great is the Lord who enjoys helping His child."

When Peter was locked in Herod's prison
With sixteen of the King's select brigade-
We find him sleeping like a babe-
His mind completely stayed
That no matter what, Jehovah would take care of him.

And what about Paul and Silas?
More of God's saints in dire straits_
When in their darkness, behind iron gates
Offered songs of praise to God anew
That even threatened death could not subdue!

A violinist strains the chord
To catch its perfect pitch.
And so our Lord will of't' increase the strain
To bring about a purer, nobler gain.

.........M.L. van Wyk


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