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Daniel and the Lions poem for kids

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DLTK's Bible Poems for Kids
Dan and the Lions

Thanks so much to Kayt for sharing her poem with us!

I'm a hungry lion   
(kneel down on all fours)
Big and fierce   
(rear up with arms out and claw at the air)
I have a fluffy mane   
(stroke hair)
And little small ears  
 (flap hands by head to signal flapping ear)
I am a carnivore
(That means I eat meat)   
(pretend to bite a child)
The animals run away from me  
 (children run away from you)
But I catch them with my feet!   
(catch a child around the waist with hands)

My friends and I were hungry
We lived in a pit:
The poor little lions
Who never got fed!   
(make sad face)
Then they threw down a man  
 (push the air)
And we thought "YAY! Fresh meat!"   
(make happy face)
But the Lord closed our mouths  
 (cover mouth with hand)
And we just couldn't eat!   
(keep mouth covered / make shocked face)
We snuggled down next to him   
(children lie down with you)
And he went straight to sleep   
(close eyes)
This man had no fear
Of our mighty sharp teeth!   
(bare teeth)

Then came the king
Who called "Daniel, are you okay?"
And the man began to sing:
"I'm fine! It's another day!"
The king he was glad  
 (make happy face)
And so were we
Cause then he got mad   
(make angry face)
And threw down meat!   
(push the air)

120 servants  
 (pretend to eat the children)
That makes a great feast   
(continue with above action)
Daniel went free
But we still got to eat!   
(make happy face)
So thank the Lord
For His reward
We couldn't eat one man
But we ate a whole horde!   
(pretend to eat the children again)

Now the king said to the people
This God you must follow   
(point upwards)
He knows what He's doing -
His promises aren't hollow!
He's the Lord who feeds lions
And the God who cares for us
He's the Lord of justice   
(shake finger)
And the God of love   
(cross heart with hands)
So follow this God -
You'll never go wrong  
 (shake head)
Read the Bible and pray   
(bring hands together in 'book' and pray)
And praise Him with a song   
(cup mouth)
This God who adopted us
And made us His sons
He is the God of love   
(cross heart with hands)
Which never runs out!   
(shake head)


Try our Lion Mask to go with this song.